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We provide the website worth calculator with Alexa ranking, whois info, DNS info, server info and worth of the website. AllWebValue calculates the website worth in base of Alexa ranking. Additional information is listed below.

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Recently Estimated Websites:

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How do you value a website?

There are lots of condition when we calculate the value of the website. example if the website is selling any goods like clothes, shoes, online books, any deal, or the website provide paid videos or other information. But on this website, we are calculating the website value from the Advertisements like Google Adsense or any other ad network.
Some use case is below.
1. Domain age
2. Domain name
3. Any brand website
4. Product based website

Website Value Calculator and Stats Analyzer - Enter the website name in the top of the website and get the value of the website and also get the monthly, yearly and daily earning

How much money a website makes?

You can earn lots of money from the website if you have enough traffic and your website bounce rate is very less (between 10-30% or maybe more less :) ). So how do decrease the bounce rate and the answers is content. If you have enough content or information about the topic you can earn lots of money from the website. But there are some rules.
1. No copyright or repeated text.
2. you should add at least one Images with alt tags.
3. Promote your website in the social network
4. Never link your website to any banned website.
5. Manage your website in google webmaster or other search engine webmaster tools
6. No bore or distorted UI

How much your website earning?

So if your website has 1000 page views per day and bounce rate is 40% and CTR is 2% then your estimated earning is $1.5 each day. As you know it's not full proof we are just estimated the earaning. If you earning $6-8 per day in 1000 page views that means the ads which is google serving in your webiste are high paid. High paid keywords in 2018.
1. INSURANCE e.g usa quotes, auto insurance florida, automobile insurance quotes online
2. LOANS e.g business loan, mortgage loan refinance, home loans
3. ATTORNEY e.g credit attorney, personal injury attorney, tax lawyer
4. CREDIT e.g credit fraud, credit protection, monitor your credit
5. HOSTING e.g google web hosting, dedicated linux hosting, managed dedicated server hosting
Note: we are not promoting, linking to, or affiliated with any of website which is listed in this website in any way. We are just collecting website seo statistics and Alexa rank data for historical purposes and We are just displaying publicly available data & statistics for analysis purposes.



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